Anna Kendrick Reveals Dating Tickle Test in Oprah Magazine

Posted on January 15, 2015

Anna Kendrick as Cinderella in Into the Woods

Actress Anna Kendrick has an interview in the new issue of Oprah magazine. The interview reveals six things you may never know about Anna. One of these things is her tickle test for relationships.

Anna warns that it is a very bad sign if you tell your man not to tickle you and he does anyway. She says, "If you tell a guy you don't like being tickled and he tickles you anyway, that's a red flag."

Anna does have a good point. One minor tickle might be forgivable but if your guy constantly does some aggressive tickling when you have told him that tickling saddens you then he might be getting enjoyment out of your tickle misery. The same goes for your man repeatedly doing something to you when you have made it very clear to him that you do not like it.

Anna has been very busy with her acting career lately. She starred in six films in 2014 and she has five films coming out for 2015 according to her IMDB listing. Anna's 2014 films included her role as Cinderella in Into the Woods. The 2015 films include the sequel the Pitch Perfect and a film called Mr. Right. Mr. Right is a romantic comedy with a killer twist as Mr. Right turns out to be a hitman on the run.

Photo: Walt Disney Pictures

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