Author Says a Gentleman Respects the Earth

Posted on June 29, 2007

The Perfect GentlemanKristen Alexandre, the author of The Perfect Gentleman: The Secrets Rich Girls Use to Choose the Classiest Guys, says that a gentleman is someone who respects the Earth. Alexandre says President George Bush does not respect our Earth and therefore he lacks the "primary characteristic of a gentleman."
On that account, Alexandre contends President Bush falls short. "To qualify as a gentleman a man most respect God, the earth and women," she says.

"In the case of George Bush, we all know he came from money but love and respect for our Earth did not get handed down. He is therefore missing the primary characteristic of a gentleman," the author says.

Alexandre cites former Teddy Roosevelt as every rich mother's perfect son-in-law. "He pioneered the National Park system, and yet his greatest passion was his family.

"This was a man who cherished the earth and all that was in it and who recognized the need to protect our resources early on," Alexandre says.

The author was Speaker Coordinator for the Environmental Action Coalition, the group that organized Earth Day 1970. It is therefore no surprise that she believes all decent men should possess a natural and God-given passion to save our earth. If they don't have the passion, drop them, she advises readers.
Alexandre also advises women to "Find out where a man's passion lies. Then ask yourself if it's a fit for you." You can read more about Alexandre's advice and her book on the book's website,

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