Celebrity Love

Anna Kendrick Reveals Dating Tickle Test in Oprah Magazine (January 15, 2015): Actress Anna Kendrick reveals her relationship tickle test in the latest issue of Oprah magazine.

Chris Harrison Says Ladies Swoon for The Bachelor's Juan Pablo Galavis (January 7, 2014): Chris Harrison says the ladies swoon for The Bachelor star Juan Pablo Galavis. Galavis helped the season premiere draw big ratings.

Lifetime Developing TV Series Based on Jennifer Love Hewitt's Dating Advice Book (October 20, 2012):

Jennifer Aniston Talks Dating (February 5, 2009):

Katie Holmes Never Received Flowers on Valentine's Day (January 28, 2008):

Kylie Minogue Uses Google to Look Up Potential Suitors (January 23, 2008):

Portman and Christensen Least Convincing Screen Partnership (August 19, 2007):

Stewardess Lisa Robertson Talks About Ralph Fiennes (March 12, 2007):

Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson Together in Queensland (March 5, 2007):

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