Commitment Phobia a Genetic Flaw?

Posted on September 2, 2008

AVPR1AThe BBC has a news report about a study that links a gene to reluctance to marry. This gene apparently affects an "important attachment hormone." The same gene has also been linked to autism.
Men with the 334 version of the AVPR1A gene earned lower scores from their partner/wife for strength of relationship bond. They were also less likely to be married.

If they were married, they were more likely to have experienced marital problems.

Having two copies of 334 doubled the chances that men would report having had a marital crisis in the past year.

It is thought that the gene, which was carried by 40% of the men, may affect the way the brain uses vasopressin.

The same gene has been linked with autism - a condition characterised by problems with social interaction.
Perhaps this will eventually lead to genetic testing. Girls interested in marriage may demand a genetic test before starting to date a guy, because they would want to date a guy with the AVPR1A gene. Or maybe women won't be able to resist dating the guy anyway to see if they can make him overcome his genetic reluctance to marry.

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