Crazy Blind Date Promises Short Notice Dates

Posted on December 20, 2009

A company named Crazy Blind Date is promising crazy blind dates. The site promises dates arranged in extremely short notice. The site says it is for "social, outgoing, and adventurous people." Here is how you meet each other quickly according to the company's website.
When you agree to a date, you'll get to see a description of your match. If you still can't find each other amongst all the other nervous-looking people at that bar or coffee shop, quack like a dog and make armpit farts. If that doesn't work, you can send each other text messages through us. In the final 30 minutes before the date, we open a relay. If you send a text message to CUPID (28743) it will go to your date's phone. For example: "I'm at the bar in the back, wearing a blue sweater, drinking a martini."
It does sound kind of crazy. Note: making armpit farts in a cafe or restaurant does not sound like a good idea at all despite what the company's FAQ says.

Update 7-28-14: It appears Crazy Blind Date's crazy dates have ended. The domain has since been purchased by OK Cupid. It has been relaunched as an app by OK Cupid last year, but is no longer available from iTunes or Google Play.

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