Dating Site Thinks Love is in Our Genes

Posted on July 22, 2008


Is love in our genes? A least one dating company think so. A Switzerland biotech firm named GenePartner wants to offer a DNA-matching service to dating sites. The company uses the tagline, "Love is no coincidence." TechCrunch reports that the service will cost $199 for a DNA test. You will be sent a buccal swab kit so your DNA can be collected. Your genetic data from this test is then used to help you find a match.
They've analyzed "hundreds of couples" and have determined the genetic patterns found in successful relationships. Based on their algorithm and your DNA, they'll determine the probability for a satisfying and long-lasting relationship between two people (color me skeptical).
You can see the GenePartner website at The company describes the formula it uses to match people:
At GenePartner we are dedicated to help you find your ideal life partner. Our formula is based on research on hundreds of couples and analyzes the pattern of genetic combinations found in successful relationships. Using this formula we will determine the probability for a satisfying and long-lasting romantic relationship between two people.

This probability is highest when two people are genetically compatible.
We aren't sure what "genetically compatible" means but it is an interesting theory. You don't want the DNA to be too similar for obvious reasons.

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