Dating Advice

Lifetime Developing TV Series Based on Jennifer Love Hewitt's Dating Advice Book (October 20, 2012): Deadline reports that Lifetime is basing a tv series on Jennifer Love Hewitt's dating advice book, The Day I Shot Cupid. and Share Results of Love Bites Survey (July 4, 2012): Today.

Dating Prenups a Growing Trend in New York City (August 15, 2010): The New York Post reports that more single New Yorkers are agreeing to dating prenups, or pre-prenups.

The Meaning of Hookups May be Changing (December 20, 2008): Julie Chen talked to Kathleen Bogle, an Asst.

Speed Dating Tips From Aviva Fannie (December 15, 2007): The Seattle Times recently talked to speed dating expert Aviva Fannie.

Author Says a Gentleman Respects the Earth (June 29, 2007): Kristen Alexandre, the author of The Perfect Gentleman: The Secrets Rich Girls Use to Choose the Classiest Guys, says that a gentleman is someone who respects the Earth.

Mr. Bean Gives Dating Advice (May 11, 2007): Mr.

Googling Your Date Can Yield Surprises (April 10, 2007): CBS News reports that Googling your date has become the norm.

Feng Shui for Relationships (March 8, 2007): Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art of object placement that is said help create harmony and boost a person's luck, energy and fortune.
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