Feng Shui for Relationships

Posted on March 8, 2007

Feng Shui for RelationshipsFeng Shui is an ancient Chinese art of object placement that is said help create harmony and boost a person's luck, energy and fortune. Author Linda Binns thinks Feng Shui can also be useful in relationships. She has a new book out called Feng Shui for Relationships. Here are a few of her tips.
  • To symbolize a close relationship, it is important to position decorative items in pairs. For instance, display a painting of a couple, place two ornaments together, or hang two pictures that form a set. Two flowers in a vase or two stuffed animals beside one another are other examples of pairs that you can place in your environment.
  • If you already have a partner whom you wish to become closer to, it is important to display photos that feature you as a couple. Pictures of you with your partner and other individuals, whether family or friends, symbolize your propensity to give up time as a couple in order to become part of a larger group.
  • Clutter and other distractions in the bedroom, such as exercise equipment, a television, work-related items or a computer, serves to bring unwanted distractions into your relationship. Your bedroom should be a sanctuary that feels romantic and invites you to spend time with your loved one.
  • Make sure that the side of your bed is not against a wall because this position symbolizes only one way in and out of the bed and indicates that there is room for only one person.
  • When you make your bed, keep it relatively uncluttered and create a space that will easily accommodate a couple.
  • Master bedrooms ideally feature warm, soothing colors, such as cream, taupe, cocoa, or shades with a red or pink base. Such warm bedroom colors represent warm, close relationships.
  • When you remove clutter, don't move anything to a storage box under your bed. People store all kinds of things under the bed - fire extinguishers, ladders, guns, papers, books, exercise equipment and more. Remember that, based on the principles of Feng Shui, energy should freely flow throughout a space, including under the bed.
  • Large bedrooms should feature cozy, intimate nooks, such as sitting areas. Again, creating an intimate space reflects an intimate relationship.
  • Don't forget to "set your intentions" and focus your new energy on what you want before you started moving all your furniture around. Linda Binns says, "Perhaps you want to strengthen or rekindle the flame of an existing relationship. Perhaps you want to attract an exciting new romantic partner to your life. Perhaps you want to find a life partner with which to share the future. While there can be a variety of issues or scenarios, it is important to begin by considering your current situation and recognizing what you would like to change." You can read more Feng Shui advice from Linda Binns on her website lindabinns.com.

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