Googling Your Date Can Yield Surprises

Posted on April 10, 2007

CBS News reports that Googling your date has become the norm. Searching Google for information about your date is an increasingly common and practical thing to do. However, sometimes you may get some disturbing results.

It's easy to do you just plunk your date's name into Google. However, sometimes you might find out something weird about your date. The article says people have found out their dates are into bizarre fetishes like vampires. A web search may also reveal photos or someone's real age. The worst results may be "mistaken identity" situations when a person finds information they think is about their date but it is really about another person with the same name.

The article quotes Web marketing professional Katie Laird as warning would-be date searchers: "Don't google what you can't handle." Then again if you do find information you can't handle - like your date is a vampire - you can cancel the date and save yourself the trouble of potentially getting bitten. The worst scenarios may actually be when you fail to find any information at all about your date online. Then you will be going to your date armed with no inside information just like people use to before the Internet and search engines.

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