Heart Shirt Lights Up When Lover is Close

Posted on March 4, 2008

Light Up Hearts ShirtWe are well past Valentine's Day now but these t-shirts from Think Geek may be of interest to people head-over-heels in love with each other. The closer the two people wearing the shirts get to one another the more the hearts on these shirts light up.
Staying healthy is the key to keeping yourself alive. Video game characters know this all too well. When your red heart gauge reaches zero... you die. For non-bitmap humans like you this is more of a challenge. But luckily after extensive study at ThinkGeek labs we've determined that people feel best when they are in close proximity to something that they adore. Don't understand? Well luckily for you we've created this amazing 8-Bit Dynamic Life Shirt to illustrate.

Buy one of these glowing shirts for yourself, and gift one to your significant other (boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, fembot 2000...). During your normal activities two and a half pixelated hearts will light up on your shirt. Hey... you're depressed and in need of a recharge. But get within hugging distance of your significant other wearing the matching shirt and suddenly the hearts on both of your shirts start to light up until you're fully powered up. Go too far astray from the source of your affections and you'll drop back down to two and a half hearts again. Got it?
Here's a video of the shirt in action.

The shirts were widely discussed in the blogosphere. Perhaps shirts like these will be even more popular next Valentine's Day.

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