iHookup Social Changes Business Name to Friendable

Posted on November 1, 2015

Friendable App

iHookup Social, Inc. has announced it has complete the change of its business name to Friendable. The company will also have a new stock sybmol, FDBL.

The name change is a great idea. Friendable is a much better name and a potentially broad brand name. The iHookup name can have negative connotations but there is nothing negative about being "friendable."

Robert Rositano, Jr., CEO, Friendable, Inc., says in a statement, "This announcement has been a long time in the making, and also marks one of the last steps in completing our full pivot to the 'Friendable' brand. We are at the dawn of an amazing new phase of growth for our app, which includes maintaining our focus on extending the brand to the Android platform as well as building a business that is ripe for acquisition. Everything starts with friendship and 'Friendable' has endless possibilities."

The Friendable app is currently available for the iOS. You can find out more at friendable.com.

Image: Friendable

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