Katie Holmes Never Received Flowers on Valentine's Day

Posted on January 28, 2008

Katie Holmes was never ever sent flowers on Valentine's Day during her youth. She attended an all-girls school and flowers had to be delivered to the school. Katie said the office would announce who had flowers waiting to be picked up. This process likely resulted in humiliating all the girls who did not get flowers on Valentine's Day. Katie's was one of the girls in the school who never heard an announcement that flowers were waiting for her in the office.

Ask Men reports that Katie told Britain's New magazine, "I like surprises and I like sending Valentine's cards. I went to an all-girls high school and every Valentine's Day they would announce who had flowers waiting in the office. I got very used to the importance of giving other women Valentines because my name was never called - never. And I didn't have any money to send them to myself."

Wow. Poor Katie. That is a very sad story. She could not even afford to send flowers to herself! At least she is getting plenty of flowers and attention now that she is married to Tom Cruise. She even had a fairytale wedding.

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