Possible Bigamy Revealed on Facebook (March 11, 2012): A woman posted photographs of her wedding to a corrections officer on her Facebook page.

Study Finds Cohabiting Couples are Happier Than Married Couples (January 27, 2012): A new study published in the February issue of the Journal of Marriage and Family found that cohabiting couples are happier than married couples.

Couple Gets Married at Walmart (August 20, 2011): A couple was married at the Louisville Walmart.

Study: 92% of Newly Married People Lived Together Before Marriage (April 27, 2011): The excitement around the Royal Wedding inspired eHarmony UK to survey over 1,000 married couples on all different aspects of married life.

Study Finds Spenders Marry Savers (August 4, 2009): Reuters reports that a new study has found the big spenders tend to marry big savers.

Study: Happily Married Women Sleep Better (February 28, 2009): It would have been a surprise if this study had turn out differently.

Commitment Phobia a Genetic Flaw? (September 2, 2008): The BBC has a news report about a study that links a gene to reluctance to marry.

Man Proposes Uses Google Street View Panorama (August 8, 2008): Michael decided his original proposal to Leslie (which did receive a "Yes") was lacking in pizazz so he upgraded it to Proposal 2.

Propal by Tweet: Two Twitter Marriage Proposals (April 5, 2008): Getting married online isn't a new but proposing on the microblogging service called Twitter is a novelty.

Ogling Happens Says Dr. David Barash (December 25, 2007): An NBC article looks at the subject of ogling.

Secret Mommy Crushes Not Awful Says Expert (October 16, 2007): Are you a Mom with a crush on someone who is not your husband? Dr.

Study Finds Marrital Bliss is Short-Lived (July 4, 2007): An article in the New York Times discusses a new study that found the happy buzz from a new marriage fizzles after just three years.

The Perfect Relationship Buzzkiller (June 2, 2007): The BBC reports on a new report published in the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy that is a "perfect relationship" buzzkiller.
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