Mate Choice Copying

Posted on May 14, 2007

If you are a women a new study suggests that your friends opinions can have a big influence on your love life. says the new study found your girlfriends can even sway your opinion on who you find attractive.
Researchers at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland had female partners choose the more handsome out of pairs of male faces (the photos had been previously rated as being of equal attractiveness). Then, participants were shown a picture sequence in which each face was being looked at by another woman who was either smiling or appearing bored. When the initial test was repeated, the participants were more attracted to the faces that had been smiled at by others. This is called "mate choice copying" and is seen in many animal species such as guppies and finches.

The moral of the story: Ladies, the next time you go out on the town and your friend says, "Ooh, he's cute!" or "I don't know what you see in that guy," take your pal's opinion with a grain of salt and try to tune into your own instincts. Otherwise, you might end up pursuing - or missing - a match who's right for you.
If your friends aren't very good at selecting quality guys the above advice is probably good -- you don't want to follow the same mating habits as guppies and finches. Another idea would be to choose friends that have good taste. Then it isn't so bad if they help you make decisions.

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