New Dating Site Promises Beautiful People

Posted on October 26, 2009

Beautiful People dating site

Beautiful is a website that promises listings of beautiful people only. launches with 180,000 members through existing networks in the UK, US, Denmark, Japan, Spain, Italy, Canada and Australia.

Everyone can apply to join but only 20% of men and women who apply will be accepted. Potential members apply using a photo and a brief profile. The potential new member will then be judged by existing members of the opposite sex. Over 48 hours, members of the opposite sex vote whether or not to admit them in to their exclusive community. Individuals who fail to impress the community do not get to join. The site says applicants can view their rating process on a real time rating graph. The graph oscillates between red and green depending on how existing members are judging them. founder, Robert Hintze, says in a statement, " is governed by the principle that every human being wants to be with someone they find attractive - its human nature. By only allowing beautiful people through our doors, we remove the first hurdle."

The site clearly is not for everyone.

Photo: Beautiful People

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