New She's a Home Wrecker Site Exposes Alleged Mistresses

Posted on November 8, 2013

ABC News reports that a new website,, attempts to expose alleged mistresses and cheating women. ABC News talked to some women who have posted on the site and alleged mistresses who have photos and stories about them on the site.

The site is really an outlet for women who have been cheated on to get revenge. Blaming and outing the mistress may feel good, but it is the cheating husband who is most deserving of the blame. Those outed on the sites are obviously upset that there is information about them on the controversial site.

A big problem with these type of revenge sites is there is no undo and the sites tend to hold onto any information they receive. Once information is released online it may also be picked up or copied by other websites making it even more difficult to get it removed from the Internet. ABC News anchor Linsey Davis asks where's the site. Take a look:

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