Ogling Happens Says Dr. David Barash

Posted on December 25, 2007

An NBC article looks at the subject of ogling. It is usually men who are busted for ogling but both sexes ogle. NBC talked to Dr. David Barash, author of The Myth of Monogamy: Fidelity and Infidelity in Animals and People. Barash told NBC that it is wrong to think your marriage is doomed because your partner is attracted to someone else on occasion.

Barash says, "People buy into this myth of the perfect mate and how once they find them, they won't have any interest in anyone else, and that's just wrong. If they're a normal healthy human mammal, they're likely to be attracted to someone else on occasion. It doesn't mean that their marriage or partnership is doomed. Nor does it mean they have to act on it."

So "ogling happens" but while some ogling is natural too much ogling is probably not a good thing. The study found that males most likely to be more sexually promiscuous tend to do more ogling.
Another possibly new development? Shameless horndoggery.

"We've found pretty consistently that the extent to which people find their attention captured by attractive members of the opposite sex really depends upon personality characteristics," says Maner. "And people who are more sexually promiscuous are much more likely to have their attention captured by attractive members of the opposite sex."
The article also says that some couples are compiling "to-do lists" or celebrity top ten lists of people they are attracted to. Hopefully these "to-do lists" are celebrities because a "to-do list" of neighbors would probably not go over very well.

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