The Science of Love

Study Finds Men Send Wrong Message With Flashy Sports Cars (August 6, 2011):

Study Finds Romantic Comedies Can Take Fun Out of Real Relationships (December 27, 2008):

Study Finds Women Find Smart Men More Appealing (October 5, 2008):

Contraceptive Pill May Influence Women's Partner Choice (September 15, 2008):

Commitment Phobia a Genetic Flaw? (September 2, 2008):

Dating Site Thinks Love is in Our Genes (July 22, 2008):

Italian Scientists Claim They Found G Spot Using Ultrasound (March 7, 2008):

Love is in the Ventral Tegmental Area (February 14, 2008):

Study Finds May-December Romances Extends Human Lifespan (October 3, 2007):

Study Finds Out Why People Have Sex (July 31, 2007):

Study: 4% of U.S. Adults Have Never Had Sex (June 23, 2007):

Mate Choice Copying (May 14, 2007):
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