Speed Dating Tips From Aviva Fannie

Posted on December 15, 2007

The Seattle Times recently talked to speed dating expert Aviva Fannie. She has held many speed dating events in Seattle and so she knows the common trends and the mistakes people make. One of the mistakes she sees often is guys not looking at the girl - they look at her drink instead. She also said there is always one attractive girl at speed dating events and all the guys will pick her but an attractive guy won't be chosen by all the girls.
How the sexes differ: "There is always one really attractive woman, and all of the guys will choose her." But for a really attractive guy, "Maybe 50 or 70 percent of the women will choose him. Women also look at his personality and interpersonal skills. Women are more selective than guys. That's just the nature."
The knowledge that women won't all choose the most handsome male attender might encourage more guys to try speed dating. Aviva also has some good advice for speed daters: "People like to hear their name, so mention their name in the conversation. A good sense of humor helps. It puts people at ease.... Show you have a brain. And guys, grooming helps."

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