Study Finds Women Find Smart Men More Appealing

Posted on October 5, 2008

A new scientific study has found that women find smart and creative men more appealing. The study was authored by researchers from the from the Department of Psychology at the University of California, Davis. The study of 204 women analyzed women's preferences for both short and long term relationships. The women were shown videos of 15 men doing different takes such as engaging in athletics or reading a news report.

ITWire reports that the authors of the research paper say, "Selecting a more intelligent mate often provides women with better access to resources and parental investment for offspring."

The study even found that for both short-flings and for marriage women preferred smart and creative guys. New Scientist says it is time for nerds to rejoice. The past couple decades have been good for geeks when it comes to wages so this could have something to do with women wanting smart, creative men. Or, they may have just had some smart women who took part in the study because seriously who doesn't want a smart and creative date?

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