Tinder Launches Verified User Profiles for Celebrities

Posted on July 7, 2015

Tinder Verified Profile

Tinder has announced verified profiles for famous people using its service. These include public figures, celebrities and athletes. Verified profiles will get a little blue check mark. Tinder provided an example of what this will look like in the photograph above.

Social media sites like Twitter use verified accounts to prevent confusion between real celebrity accounts and fake accounts. It is not known how many celebrities are using Tinder. Hilary Duff notably used the service and even included video footage of her using it in her "Sparks" music video. She later released a second "Sparks" music video without the Tinder content.

There is some skepticism about the verified celebrity features. Gizmodo suggests that Tinder just wants to make people think they will be able to meet a celebrity through the service.

Tinder says in its announcement, "Keep an eye out for Tinder Verified Profiles - and swipe on!"

Photo: Tinder

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