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Posted on July 4, 2012 and teamed up teamed up on a Love Bites survey that reveals turn-ons and turn-offs of dating-related dining etiquette and food choices. The survey discovered that things like drinking too much was a huge turn-off for women and that single men think a traditional dinner date is a great first or second date.

Vidya Rao, Food Editor, says in a statement, "Food is an integral part of our culture, and so many of us fall in love over a good meal. We attach our memories and emotions to what we eat, and as a result, learn a lot about someone by observing their attitude about food. It's a basic human need, and we use that to judge how a date might be in a relationship. Is he adventurous? Is she respectful? It's a lot deeper than what's on the plate."

Here are some highlights from the Love Bites survey: Here is an infographic which highlights results from from the survey.

Love Bites 2012 Dating Food Survey

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