Valentine's Day Searches Rise as Holiday Approaches

Posted on February 11, 2008

Sometimes what people are searching for can be very revealing. A post on Yahoo Buzz looks at some of the most common searches related to the upcoming Valentine's Day holiday.
Is romance possible with primary anxiety? This reading of distracted amor comes partly from a 402% spike in the query, "when is valentine's day." (Answer: February 14.) True, Valentine's Day is more than two weeks away, but traditionally the annual Buzz homage to martyrdom and love begins at this time.

Lookups, especially among ladies of all ages, have begun to register according to schedule, but the online allure for "valentine" is down 27% from this same time period in 2006 and 2007. The quest for "romance" has also taken a hit (-29% compared to last January). Good thing "love" remains relatively stable.
They also have a list of what is up and what is down this year. More people this year are searching for love compatibility, gifts for men and love songs. Not as many people are looking for information on "how to kiss." Maybe this year more people already know how to smooch.

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