Valentine's Day

Jimmy Kimmel Challenged Men to Give Wife or Girlfriend a Terrible Valentine's Day Gift (February 20, 2013): Jimmy Kimmel is always encouraging people to give terrible gifts to other.

Heart Shirt Lights Up When Lover is Close (March 4, 2008): We are well past Valentine's Day now but these t-shirts from Think Geek may be of interest to people head-over-heels in love with each other.

Valentine's Day Searches Rise as Holiday Approaches (February 11, 2008): Sometimes what people are searching for can be very revealing.

Katie Holmes Never Received Flowers on Valentine's Day (January 28, 2008): Katie Holmes was never ever sent flowers on Valentine's Day during her youth.

Kylie Minogue Uses Google to Look Up Potential Suitors (January 23, 2008): Kylie Minogue has revealed that she frequently types the names of potential dates into the Google search engine to see what information she can find about them - such as if they are married.
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