Vampire/Human Dating Site LoveBitten Launches

Posted on July 27, 2008


HBO created a vampire/human dating site called Love Bitten to promote their upcoming vampire series called TrueBlood. The site claims that it's match ratings are high because "our clientele is ready to discover a different kind of love. And we're almost always the first stop for curious people who want to find their counterpart, with or without fangs."

Some of the vampire profiles include the 409-year-old vampire Pao G. and Sarah, a 24-year-old human interested in dating a vampire. We wonder if Pao will end up in the show itself?

This graphic explains how Lovebitten works.

LoveBitten How it Works

It's a clever promotion. Hopefully, for HBO it will get people tuning in for True Blood.

Note: The Love Bitten site has since been removed.

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